Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University, born from the merger of Paris-Sorbonne and Pierre and Marie Curie Universities, is a world-class, multidisciplinary, intensive research university. Sorbonne University covers the entire disciplinary spectrum of literature, medicine and science. Rooted in the heart of Paris, with a regional presence, it is committed to the success of its students and is committed to meeting the scientific challenges of the 21st century and to passing on the knowledge from its laboratories and research teams to society as a whole.

Thanks to its nearly 55,000 students, 6,700 teacher-researchers and researchers and 4,900 administrative and technical staff who support the University on a daily basis, Sorbonne University aims to be diverse, creative, innovative and open to the world. Together with the National Museum of Natural History, the Compiègne University of Technology, INSEAD, the Pôle Supérieur Paris Boulogne Billancourt and the CIEP, it forms the Sorbonne University Alliance.

The diversity of the members of the Alliance Sorbonne Université promotes a global approach to teaching and research. It promotes access to knowledge for all and develops numerous joint programmes and projects in initial, continuing and lifelong learning in all disciplines.

Ferdinand Dhombres, MD, PhD

Ferdinand Dhombres is a practicing physician in obstetrics and gynecology at Armand Trousseau University Hospital (Sorbonne University, Paris, France) with a specialization in Fetal Medicine and Fetal Ultrasound. He received an MD from Descartes School of Medicine, Paris, France, in 2011, and a PhD in medical informatics from Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris, France, in 2013. He did a postdoc at the Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications at the National Library of Medicine. His research comprises knowledge representation in Medicine, symbolic artificial intelligence, and clinical decision support systems. Ferdinand Dhombres is the project leader of the SUOG project.

Elise Akan

My main skills field are Neurosciences and behavioral sciences which were studied at Caen Normandy University. I was graduated with honor from Montpellier University where I studied health device engineering. I wishes to put my skills at the service of the development of new technologies applied to the field of health, to ensure better care for patients and diseases.

To this end, I integrated SUOG team as project manager and master contact with Ferdinand Dhombres. I am in charge of the project coordination and follow-up between the different partners in order to guide the SUOG project in the best conditions.