SATT Lutech

The missing link for proof-of-concept acquisition between academic research and the socio-economic world.

SATT Lutech has the challenging mission to accelerate the transformation of research into innovation. Lutech’s goal is to enhance the value of research results and to accelerate the process of technology transfer from publically-funded research toward the industry.

Lutech evaluates and licenses technology of its shareholders (Sorbonne Université, CNRS, UTC, MNHN, ENSCI, Université Paris II). Its focus areas are : medicine of the future, ecological mobility, energy transition and new resources, sustainable cities, transportation of tomorrow, data economy, smart objects, digital trust, smart nutrition and modernization of the productive system.

  • Lutech eases the emergence of virtuous innovations with real economic and/or societal potential
  • Lutech promotes closer ties between public-sector research and the industrial world
  • Lutech assists investors and researchers to help transform discoveries and inventions into innovations
  • Lutech invests directly in every selected program, either alone or with a partner

With its portfolio of technology opportunities for companies, SATT Lutech brings excellence right from its shareholders’ laboratories to overcome technological barriers and facilitate business growth.

Main figures :

Lutech, covering a geographical area comprising 8500 researchers

  • 157 innovation programs
  • 39 M€ invested in projects
  • 61 transfer contracts
  • 257 IP filed

Fabienne BILLIARD – Project Manager in Life Sciences at SATT Lutech

Fabienne graduated with a PhD in Immunology in 2007 at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (now Sorbonne University), in Paris, France. During her PhD she investigated the effect of inflammation on immune tolerance in murine autoimmune models. After a post-doc at the Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety in the South of Paris, France, she was hired in 2009 as a scientist at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, NY, USA. There she led several research projects to discover new targets for autoimmunity.

Fabienne had the opportunity to acquire new skills when she got hired, within Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, in the Target Information Group ; her mission was to propose new targets to the Company’s scientists, explore IP Freedom To Operate and Market Access. She got back to France to start her current position at SATT Lutech as a project manager in Life Sciences in 2014. Her mission is to analyze research results coming from academic laboratories in order to bring out the innovative potential ; the IP and market potential are also analyzed with the help of the project team.

When applicable Fabienne put together a proof of concept program, in coordination with the scientific team and with the help of the project team, to acquire new results, build a prototype, clear a legal issue, etc… with the aim of bringing the innovation to a maturity level suitable for market access.